The Penistone Community Equipment Bank has been running for close to 20 years.

It forms part of the Penistone Round Table Charitable Trust (reg. charity 1051588).

Its upkeep is down to entirely voluntary efforts from Penistone Round Table / 41 Club.

The PCEB was created to help local groups and private members of the community in and around Penistone to hold events, by providing low cost hire of common event equipment.

Whilst the PCEB attempts to be self supporting financially, we also have received funding from time to time from regional bodies (such as for example BMBC Ward Alliance and EPIP).

Ultimately we support the PCEB and provide many hours of voluntary effort to help make our local community a little better, by enabling local groups/residents to make our area a better and friendlier place.

What we ask from you

Please ensure the equipment is managed responsibly. Please take time to read any supporting information, ask questions and exercise good judgement:

- ensure the equipment is operated/assembled correctly

- ensure health and safety is followed

- let us know about any breakages/issues so we can remediate them quickly

- ensure the equipment is returned in the state it was hired out, this includes any support kit for setting up the equipment (e.g. and especially kit bags/boxes for gala / pop up tents).

- please turn up on time for collection / drop offs or at least let us know if you run into difficulties in a timely fashion

- be aware that sometimes there may be unavoidable reasons why equipment may be unavailable at short notice

- in the event of any issues we’ll endeavour to help rectify any issues or provide alternative options where possible

Finally – please spread the word about the purpose of the equipment bank, and Penistone Round Table Family of Clubs to make our local community a better more connected place.